Facebook introduces a new algorithm to reduce clickbait.

Facebook has developed a new algorithm to reduce the amount of clickbait found on its platform. The algorithm takes into account headlines that "conceal information" as well as others that are "misleading". Previously algorithm changes have focused on how long users spend reading the articles. Click through to read the full article.


Snapchat Launches new glasses that could more than just a toy.

Snapchat this week launched a pair of glasses that allow you to record video in an 115 degree angle which better mimicks a humans vision. They start at $129.99 and whilst the CEO referred to them as a "toy to be worn at a barbeque", some people believe they could be the preferred way to playback snaps in future. Due to their spherical field of recording they could pave the way for augmented reality and virtual reality. Click through to read the full article.

Mondiale de l’automobile

Paris Motor Show is the biggest motor show in the world, ahead of Tokyo and Frankfurt opens 1st October. Over 1.25 million people attended in 2014. There are several key high profile car launches planned, including BMW high profile concept car X2, Honda’s new generation Civic and all-new Nissan Micra supermini.